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Dog Monitor app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1168 ratings )
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Developer: TappyTaps s.r.o.
4.99 USD
Current version: 4.3.9, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 16 Aug 2013
App size: 45.54 Mb

Check on your dog while you’re at work - know when it’s barking, talk to your dog remotely and see live video.
This is the first dog monitor app in the App Store with unlimited reach. It is a must-have for any dog owner.

With the Dog Monitor app, you can easily turn any two iOS devices into a full-featured dog monitor in a matter of seconds. No registration or connection adjustments required.

Now you can immediately find out when your dog barks. Wide sensitivity settings assure that you won’t miss any noise.

Is your dog barking or chewing up your new shoes? Do you want to talk to him even if you’re not home? No problem. The Dog Monitor app lets you talk to your dog remotely from anywhere.

"Sit", "Stay", "Lay down" record commands in your own voice and keep your dog entertained and well behaved remotely.

Ever wondered what your dog does when you’re away? Watch video of your pet and see what they are up to. Thanks to our adjustable light feature, you can check-in on your dog even when it is dark. Video stream requires iOS 6 or greater.

You’ll always know what your dog is up to because the app works on both WiFi and cellular networks.

- Every Noise - sensitizes the sound for you to hear even the tiniest noises.
- Vibrate - be alerted discreetly when your dog is barking
- Reliability - app let’s you know in case the connection is lost or something goes wrong
- Security - entire connection is encrypted by SSL

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Pros and cons of Dog Monitor app for iPhone and iPad

Dog Monitor app good for

I really like this app! Yes, you need 2 devices, but its kind of obvious, is you think you need one to film and the other one to watch! It works very well, I can watch my 2 dogs while im at work, and even listen and talk to them! Great app!!
This app was a great tool when working through separation anxiety. 100% reliable.
Im working my dog to stop barking and jumping in the front door when the mail man come right to my door. Its hard has were both working when he come over. As soon as my dog start barking, I get a notification and can look at her, tell her to stop, come over here. She actually come close to the couch where the iPad is and stop barking! I also get notification if she start chasing the cat as her claw make sound on the floor!! Really great app!!! Worth the money!! Thanks!!
Very much appreciate for adding the command recording feature!!!
It works great. Love being able to see my pup while Im away from home!
Even when away, I can still be near my adored pet. Thank you. I find it very stable and efficient.

Some bad moments

You need 2 devices which can be pricy. I think I just wasted my money.
I downloaded this as I was curious as to what our dogs were doing while we were out. I found nothing about how it was supposed to be set up , nothing that made sense anyway. Deleted the app, money lost, lesson learned!
Read one negative review out of 4, decided to download anyways but it is day 1 and it sucks. I used a free trial of another app yesterday that was 100x better. Says screen is gone to sleep, already turned off screen saver tho. Sent photos of my dog not live video. Many issues with this
I like this app, great concept and I purchased it for both my iPhone and my mac, Im giving it 1 star for 2reasons: 1) because it keeps showing a message / envelope icon with a number badge on it on the apps initial screen and doesnt let user dismiss or let it go away! You dont force users to read what you want us to read, thats annoying! 2) no matter how hard I try, I cant video stream on my LTE network. Video only works on Wifi, despite Ive already enabled it in settings.
Doesnt work very well and they charge you twice for use on the Mac. Poor customer service too
This app was great for a while. Then I didnt use it for a few days and when I went to use it, it keeps telling me that video streaming isnt enabled on my cellular device when it is, and now it wont stream video on the person device. Ive reached out to support with no answer. Ive updated the operating system on both devices, re-installed the app, and still cant get streaming video. Very frustrated and disappointed, and feeling ripped off.